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小學滿分英語作文范文:Being tall myself

 來源:互聯網    要點:英語作文范文  
編輯點評: 英語不僅出現在課堂里,它已經融入到了整個社會中,成為人類生活中不可缺少的一部分,特此為大家整理了小學滿分英語作文:Being tall myself,敬請同學們關注!


Nowadays we see supermodels on almost every magazine cover and one might wonder what life will be like being one of them. Such assumption may be painful for most of the magazine readers who are already over the age when they can get taller. In response to the ”Getting taller trend”, some goes so far as to pay doctors to cut their legs open and let surgeries do the job to get just two centimeters’ higher.

In spite of all these that are happening, some of my taller friends desire to give up this superiority for they just don’t want to be the center of the crowd, saying that they would kill to be a 4 feet child. Girls, maybe you can’t remember the time when you were younger and you need to jump really hard to catch a glimpse of up-the-table world? But being taller, even the upper world of the refrigerator top is no longer a myth and your mom and dad can’t hide your snacks up there any more! As time goes on, you can easily see on the table the beautiful lavenders or lilies stretching themselves in their own fragrant smell, the shining toaster popping out warm tasty toast, or the little drops of water glittering under bright sunshine after your mom wipes the table.  Don’t you just love to see every phase of the moon even when they are not that high up in the sky?

Well, I do. Being a 5 ft 10 myself, I am also taking the advantage of buying a larger outfit at a same price. Also, I get a cleaner view of the blackboard even when sitting far away from it. I run faster, jump higher and can think positively. I am proud to say that I possess the ability to see the upside of almost everything. I guess it is because I am closer to the clear blue sky above our heads.