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        2. my mother英語作文帶翻譯

          所屬專題:my mother英語作文  來源:滬江小學資源網    要點:my mother英語作文  
          編輯點評: 我有一個偉大的媽媽。她很關心我的學習生活。早上,她起得很早給我做早餐。當我還很小的時候,她幫我準備好書包。但是現在,她告訴我要自己做這些,因為她覺得我已經長大了能夠自己完成。除此之外,她經常檢查我的作業。當我完成作業的時候,她就幫我檢查并指出錯誤。

          I have a great mother. She cares much about me in my life and study. In the morning, she gets up early to make breakfast for me. When I was little, she prepared my schoolbag. But now, she tells me to do it by myself. Because she thinks I have been old enough to do it. Besides, she always checks my homework. When I finish my homework, she checks it and points out the mistakes. She is very careful and helps me a lot. I love my mother.


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