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my teacher英語作文(1)

所屬專題:my teacher英語作文  來源:滬江小學資源網    要點:my teacher英語作文  
編輯點評: 英語既是一種外國語言,學習時便應“眼心耳手口”五部并用,也就是說眼睛看,心里記,手要寫,口要念,耳要聽。下面是編者為你整理的my teacher英語作文(1)。

my teacher英語作文

My English teacher appears very beautiful and she looks about 40 years old.She has a son.Our English teacher is very strict with us,and sometimes,she is very friendly and kind to us.She is also humorous.On the April Fools' Day,she said to us,"you are going to have a holiday this afternoon".Many students thought it true.Many students dare not talk,because she is very strict.We are afraid that we cannot pass the exam,because the teacher will criticise us if we don't pass.She doesn't give us too much homework,and she doesn't give us too much pressure.Sometimes,we like our Engllish teacher.
I like English,and I like my English teacher. 

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