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        2. my teacher英語作文(3)

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          編輯點評: 英語既是一種外國語言,學習時便應“眼心耳手口”五部并用,也就是說眼睛看,心里記,手要寫,口要念,耳要聽。下面是編者為你整理的my teacher英語作文(3)。

          Nearly alll my classmates like to learning English.Do you know why?I think it's because we have a very good teacher-wuping.

          Wuping is an English teacher.Miss wu comes from Shanghai,She is kind and always smiles,She is one of the best teachers in our school.She goes to work early everyday,Miss wu is always very busy ,She often has much work to do.She teaches so well,She often tells us to do our homework carefully,She asks us to study hard,We often do as she says,She gets on very well with us.Sometimes she teaches us English songs.I'm so lucky to be her student. 

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