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    一年級英語教案:Small animals

    所屬專題:小學英語教案  來源:互聯網    要點:一年級英語教案  
    編輯點評: 教學是一種創造性勞動,一份優秀教案是設計者教育思想、智慧、動機、經驗、個性和教學藝術性的綜合體現。滬江小學資源網為您整理了高質量的優秀的小學一年級英語教案。

    Let‘s enjoy  Song

    Learning skills:

    Students can sing and act the song freely.

    Students know the word: little

    Learning materials:

    Tape recorder, cards, a paper rabbit, ...

    Learning course:

    Pre-task preparation:

    1. Free talk.

    How are you?

    How old are you?

    I see a ...What can you see?

    Happy New Year!

    2. You did a good job. Now let’s listen and act, OK?

    Show me your ...

    Clap one, clap two...

    While-task procedure:

    1. Can you count from one to ten? Let the students count from one to ten.

    2. Teacher acts a bird, a rabbit. Then draw a big rabbit on the blackboard, point and say a big rabbit. Then draw a little rabbit, ask the students,“Is it big? No, it‘s a little rabbit. Repeat a little rabbit for several times. Today will learn a song about the little rabbit. OK?

    3. Let the students sing the song follow the teacher sentence by sentence, then paragraph by paragraph with the actions.

    4. Play the tape and get the students listen carefully, then teacher act and sing the song with the students.

    Post-task activities:

    1. Let the students sing the song with actions together.

    2. Have a competition within the groups. To see which group is the best one.


    1. Sing the song with actions together.

    2. invite some students to sing.


    Listen and sing the song five times.